The U.S. News and World Report cited a recent study that found 1 in 6 female college freshmen are being raped while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. But these studies don’t bring us any closer to solving this issue… so let’s talk about where, and how, we can stop this.

First of all, the article states that it’s “recent” research showing the rape of college students. But in reality, using alcohol and drugs to rape women has been a part of the college culture for decades and it’s widely accepted by students across the country. No matter how many articles you publish or how much “research you do, it’s not going away. This is a social problem that’s built into the college culture. And in order to change it, we need to fully understand where the problem is coming from…

1. Men Who Rape

It is not a woman’s responsibility to dress or act a certain way so that she won’t be raped. A police officer can’t be at a party to prevent someone from being raped. And your congressman can’t make rape any more illegal than it already is.

The only one who can stop rape is the perpetrator. Some men believe that getting a girl drunk so that she’ll sleep with you is okay. They think that since both people could be drinking, females should be held equally as responsible as males. They would actually argue with you about this and totally ignore the fact that what they’re doing is wrong. So when someone says something like, “We were both drinking and hooked up, but all the blame is on the man?” Please tell them, “First of all, you’re a man. So start acting like one. Men are supposed protect women, not prey on them. Are you a protector or a predator? Then we have the issue of you having to intoxicate someone before they would sleep with you. That’s not a good sign, maybe you should just work on your game and gain some real confidence. Then you won’t have to buy it at the bar.” It’s not ok for men to intoxicate the women they wish to sleep with and it’s not ok for you to stand by while it happens.

2. The College Drinking Culture

uhonkwedrinkIn college, it’s expected that you drink. Parents even say things like, “It’s part of the college experience” and “I had my fun when I was in college.” So freshmen coming onto campus have this illusion that they’re supposed to get drunk because that’s what everyone does on campus. Then it becomes a feast for the predators who say things like, “Fathers, thank you for your daughters. They’ll be calling me Daddy from now on.” (I saw that on a hand-made sign outside of a fraternity house my freshmen year.)

How Can We Change This?

…If the only way to make friends and have fun on the weekend is to attend drinking parties, then that’s what college students will do. And if we want it to change the culture, students have to change it. That’s why I continue to help students throw sober house parties on their campus with Party.0. On top of hosting events that aren’t centered around a keg, you can:

  • Say something to people who think getting girls drunk is a legitimate way to hook up
  • Don’t laugh at the common jokes that make rape seem like it’s not a big deal
  • Go to parties with a friend and leave with that friend


***I understand that all males don’t rape and that sometimes men are victims of rape too. But either way, this is a real problem and we need your support. We need to protect each other and help build a better college culture.

Please post any thoughts of how we can TAKE ACTION against the high level of rape on college campuses.


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