No matter what your role is with Party.0 – partner, donor, follower, leader, sponsor, fan – thank you! It’s amazing to look back and see what we’ve done in just 10 months of being a nonprofit, but this is just the beginning. Check out the impact we’ve made together, the partnerships that were developed and more.

Before we start reminiscing about our first year as a nonprofit, it’s important to remember our mission: to plan and promote events without drugs or alcohol. We believe that experiences are more impactful and better educational tools than traditional methods like campaigns, which is why we work through sober events.


Impact by Numbers

  • 733 students experienced a sober party
  • 2,668 people were introduced to our mission through collaborations
  • 23,622 impressions were made from our online content

New Chapters

  • Becca and Maria are now hosting sober parties at St.Norbert College.
  • Justin and Anna reached out to host sober parties next semester at UW Stevens Point.
  • Students in Boston, Madison, New York and Pennsylvania have expressed interest in starting Party.0 on their campuses.

Program Development

  • Piloting a high school program in 3 different schools with the help of Rise Together.
  • Initiating more media components to increase online presence.
  • Party.0 Oshkosh has a house to host sober events.

Community Partners and Supporters

  • More than 25 community members stepped up to make all this possible through one-time and monthly donations. We truly could not have done anything without you.
  • The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation has supported us through program grants and donations. They were our largest contributor this year!
  • Many businesses invested in youth by making a monetary donation or sponsoring us with in-kind services or products.


  • All of our student leaders are volunteers. They have collectively given more than 350 hours to host sober parties for their peers.
  • Our Board of Directors is also a group of dedicated volunteers who care deeply about the future of today’s youth. They have donated time, money, professional skills and passion to make sure that our organization grows to it’s potential.


All of the individuals and businesses in this blog deserve ice cream, fireworks and a massage! Although we don’t have those things, we would like give you a BIG THANKS for having faith, partnering with us and giving yourself to contribute to our vision. We truly could not have given students a safe option to socialize on the weekends without your help.