Many people think that alcohol is the secret ingredient for a fun party. Not from our experience! Here’s why hundreds of students come to party with us, without any drugs or alcohol. Enjoy these steps for a successful sober party!

1. Promotion

How did people hear about your party? Was it from a friend? Did you personally invite them?

If you’re like most people, you don’t like to be “sold” to. It makes most of us uncomfortable. So the first step to getting a ton of people to your event is to ask them, IN PERSON! It shows that you care about them and that you really want them there.

2. Impression

What is the first thing people see/hear when they walk into your event?

First impressions are so important. A person walking into your party needs to see people having fun and hear music and loud people. If your guests don’t see/hear that… they are going to assume that your party is boring.

3. Connectors

Is there a way to meet new people?

The number one reason people go out on the weekends is to hang with friends and make new ones. If there aren’t games available, they won’t have a way of creating new experiences with friends and meeting new ones. Your party needs to be PACKED with “connectors” – games, situations and elements that create connections. Make it easy for your guests to be social.

4. Sponsors – Free stuff!

Who is helping you throw your party? What names do most people recognize?

Just saying that your party is sponsored by Red Bull or Papa John’s gives you tons of credit. People will assume that your event is going to be awesome and they love free things! Use the credibility of other businesses to enhance yours.

5. Food & Drinks

People. Love. Food. (That’s all that needs to be said.)

When you’re ready to start throwing some sober events, these 5 tips will help you create a teetoler tornado of awesomeness that breaks stereotypes and brings in a bunch of peeps… and if you need any help along the way, that’s what we’re here for.

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