Many people think fun is not possible without alcohol, some think partying is the same way (we kind of busted that myth though). But sometimes you don’t feel like drinking and you just wanna chill with friends or do something CRAZY. If that’s you, here are fifty fun things you can do without alcohol!

With Friends

1. Have a tournament

Volleyball, spikeball, chess, poker, quidditch, cleaning… Hey, anything can be fun if you make it a competition!

2. Get pizza and play cards

Poker, spot it, phase 10, crazy eights, hearts, UNO, black jack, spoons, etc.

3. Grill out and play yard games

Bags/cornhole, ladder golf/testicle toss (why do we name them this way?!), stump, washers, etc.

4. Have a movie night

Don’t forget candy, soda and popcorn… otherwise your movie will taste like NOTHING. That’d be gross.

5. Go hotel-hopping

It’s where you try and sneak into hotels to use their pool and hot tub! It’s a rush, then it’s refreshing.

6. Do a photo scavenger hunt

Make a list of crazy things to find/do with friends, then set the timer and GO!

7. Talk about REAL stuff

Like the stuff we are taught not to… sex, politics, religion. Real talk makes real connections and understanding.

8. Explore your town

You probably haven’t even seen or heard of HALF the things to do in your city. Get out there!

9. Have people over to watch the game

Watching your home team + yelling at the TV + eating junk food = good times.

10. Travel to the nearest state park

It’s nice to get outside and enjoy nature. There might some cool things by you and you don’t even know it!

11. Throw a ball

For real… just go outside and throw it. Then have someone catch it and throw it back. For some reason it’s fun!

12. Try that one thing that you’ve always wanted to try

Next time you catch yourself saying “OMG, I SO WANT TO TRY THAT!” Ask someone who does it, I bet they’ll share with you… unless they’re 3-years old. Then they probably won’t.

13. Have a dance party

Turn the music up really loud… things just happen. What’s song makes you dance every time?

14. Book a cruise

Serious! It can be inexpensive, you get fed like royalty, they entertain you the WHOLE TIME… you’re friends will be annoyed of you talking about it so much.

15. Get a day pass to the YMCA

Rock climbing, sports, ice skating, games… they have A LOT to do!

16. Have a paint war

Fill balloons with paint, wear old clothes and head outside.

17. Have a video game party

Playing video games is so much more fun in a group. Don’t be a NOOB!

18. Dress up and go somewhere fancy

Doesn’t dressing up just make you feel better sometimes? Go all out! Then go back to sweatpants 🙂

19. Go skiing, snowboarding or tubing

Nothing beats sliding down a mountain in the freezing cold.

20. Make a fort

The older you are, the more cool it gets 🙂 I’m serious. Don’t be “too cool” to build a fort, it’s awesome.

21. Play a pick-up game

Go to the park/gym and gather some people for a game of basketball, soccer, football, tennis, etc.

22. Do some karaoke

Just because you aren’t drinking, doesn’t mean you can’t embarrass yourself!

23. Start Party.0! Throw sober parties!

Contact us, we’ll help you get lots of fun people, sponsors and funds for your events.

24. Go on a bike, rollerblade or longboard ride

Cruising somewhere with the wind in your hair. Definitely beats the old automobile.

25. Host a ladies/man night

Reinforce every stereotype you can think of! Ladies, paint your nails. Men, grunt and eat lots of food.

26. Get back in touch with an old friend

They’ll love that you thought of them. Even if it’s just a phone call.

27. Go to the arcade

You’re either the player who goes for the most tickets, the one who wants the tokens to last the longest, or the one who only plays the same game. ALL. NIGHT.

28. Start a prank war

Put their underwear in the freezer, or obnoxious art on their door… but DON’T cross the line. You know where “the line” is, just don’t.

29. Celebrate a weird holiday

Check out to see what day it is. Trust me, we’re celebrating something ridiculous.

30. Check out a nearby comedy club

If you’re studying at a University, you probably have one on campus. If not, see what’s downtown.

31. Play “bored” games

I know they’re called board games… but they’re great when your bored. So take one out!

32. Hit up open mic

If you live in the city, some coffee shop is having an open mic tonight. Sign up or go to support your local artists.

33. Act like a kid

Pick things you used to do as a child. Play legos, watch disney movies, ghost in the graveyard, coloring books, etc.

34. Download the latest app for party games

Heads Up, Catch Phrase, Would You Choose, etc.

35. Try new party games you find online

Here is a buzzfeed article of funny games. Ask your friends to try them out with you.

On Your Own

36. Start your workout routine

Don’t try and tell me you’ve never thought about getting healthy… remember New Years?! START NOW!

37. Send a “thank you” letter to someone

Have you ever felt unappreciated? Don’t let your friends feel that way. Give them some warm fuzzies!

38. Check out a club or org

There are clubs at your school, in your city and even online! Can’t hurt to try one.

39. Create something

Get crafty, use your hands, build something… if you don’t know how, just look it up on YouTube.

40. Fung-shui your room

If you’re lazy, it means just moving your couch to a different spot.

41. Read a book on something you want to do

Start a business, learn a new skill, travel… reading is great for inspiration and becoming smarter 🙂

42. Start a video blog

Post a video to YouTube. Ask yourself, “What do I have to share with others?”

43. Go see puppies at the animal shelter

You get to see the cutest things in the world and they get some love. It’s a win-win!

44. Find inspiration for your hobby

Think of one of your hobbies/interests, then hop onto the web and look for inspiring people and stories.

45. Cook

Cook a meal you love or find one on Pinterest. Share with friends too, they’ll love it!

46. Do homework/ Study

For real… it has to be done. Might as well get it over with while you’re bored.

47. Write something creative

Whether you like songs, poems, short stories or blogs. Try your hand at writing one. Don’t worry about it being good, just do it.

48. Watch Netflix

Like you even needed the reminder, I know you just got done binging on your favorite show! I take this one back… turn it off, I’m worried about you.

49. Go for a drive

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of your routine. Take your car for a ride, it misses you.

50. Anything you could do WITH alcohol!

Literally… just take out the drinking and it’s the same activity. Don’t limit yourself.


What fun things do you like to do without alcohol?


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