Our founder, Jake White, was featured on A Kind Voice. It’s a radio show that does in-depth interviews with people that are using their voice to make a difference in the lives of others. Check out the interview here or see what they talked about below.





0:50 – Can you give folks an overview of what Party.0 does?

1:08 – What there one spark that motivated you to start this movement?

3:08 – The story of our first party failure!

5:20 – How often to do have these events? How long have you done this?

5:56 – At what point did you want to start spreading these parties across the nation?

7:00 – What is your vision for this movement?

7:23 – How Party.0 can change the college experience for a student.

8:10 – Who are your partners for this?

9:55 – Who are some of your biggest supporters?

10:56 – Are high school students part of your program as well?

11:50 – Why would a business sponsor you? What’s in it for them?

15:35 – Can you tell us about your national tour and crowdfunding campaign?

17:10 – Do you want to build partnerships with existing student groups or create your own groups?

19:34 – If I’m a student and I want Party.0 on my campus and to throw sober parties… how can I get your help?

21:32 – How are you using social media to further your mission?

21:48 – Shout out to country artist, Mitch Goudy, for endorsing us!

22:10 – How we use texting lists to promote our parties on campus.

22:42 – How do you build these texting lists?

28:20 – This has been quite a journey. What have you learned this far that’s surprised you?

31:10 – How it felt being someone who didn’t drink.

31:29 – What advice would you give someone who recognizes there’s something wrong but haven’t found their voice yet?

32:43 – How is Party.0 different than traditional alcohol prevention programs or other campaigns?

35:45 – Where did the name Party.0 (party-point-oh) come from?

36:20 – You’re a high school and college speaker. Where else have you done speaking engagements?

37:54 – How long do you think it will take until Party.0 is a sustainable nonprofit that grows on it’s own?

41:36 – What activities make the sober party fun?

46:24 – How Party.0 is inclusive.

46:55 – Do you envision Party.0 moving across to adult events too?

48:05 – What kind of help do you need to grow the movement and help more students?

50:10 – Contact us, send us your story, sign up for our email list, make a donation… there are many ways to get involved 🙂


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