People from all over Wisconsin came to hang out, listen to live music and hear testimonials from people who are in long-term recovery from alcohol & drug addiction. Many of them talked about how Party.0 could have actually helped them avoid substance abuse if it had been around when they were in school.

The event was called Solutions.0 and it was a collaboration between us and Solutions Recovery Club.

We had LIVE MUSIC from Chris Ray, R. Braille, Bo1katt the Imposter, Alexander JayCullen Sampson, and Native Tongues. CLICK their names to hear the latest!

We had a LAFFY TAFFY COMPETITION where people would share the jokes on their candy wrappers with a person they haven’t met yet. The two would talk for a bit, get to know each other, then pick the best joke between them. Then those two would match up with another two and do the same thing. Eventually we had 5 teams who came on stage to share their best jokes. It was a great way to meet new people and then invite everyone who participated to take a picture with this disgusting trophy we made out of Laffy Taffy  😛

The local rep dropped off free REDBULL so we gave it out to anyone who donated to our national tour. They are always finding cool ways to help us out.

New City Church hosted us and provided an amazing venue! The stage, lights, sounds and overall space was perfect for live music and lots of people.



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