People love a good smile ūüôā¬† See? In fact, recent studies show that people with nice teeth are perceived as more successful, trustworthy, smart and attractive. And if you’ve ever been to the dentist, you know how expensive it can be to clean a dirty mouth. So when you get some grief for partying sober, just think about the effects that drugs and alcohol can have on your teeth… you won’t care too much about what “Beer Breath” has to say. You successful, trustworthy, smart and attractive human, you ūüėČ

So this whole post would be super gross (and long) if I went into details. So let’s keep it short with a list.

Oral Cancer: Alcohol abuse is the second leading cause of oral cancer. Oral cancer kills one person every single hour.

Tooth Loss:¬†According to Healthline, people who depend on alcohol are 3X more likely to lose their teeth! ¬†Heroine also is known to cause “teeth grinding.”

Gum Disease: Weed, cocaine and many other drugs help you develop gum disease.

Reduced Saliva: Alcohol and drugs decrease the amount of saliva you produce and gives you “dry mouth.” Your body needs saliva, so this is not a good thing.¬†Saliva helps¬†decrease bacteria and acids in your mouth and repairs tooth enamel to keep your teeth strong and white.


*If you want the long and gross version, check out our sources:



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