Mississippi welcomed us with the nicest people we’ve ever met, a great interview with a staff member, and one of the best party we’ve ever thrown! See inside the party and hear from the students who came with this short video.



BOOM! We arrived in Mississippi, headed to MSU and the first person we met was the President of a fraternity called BYX – Beta Upsilon Chi. His name was Coleman, and he told me that they’re a Christian fraternity and they also throw sober events for MSU, usually bringing together students from various campus ministries.

I asked him if he wanted to partner up and throw a sober house party that weekend and he got his guys involved right away! We worked mostly with their social chair, Matt Gaydon. Together we got sponsorships from Insomnia Cookies, Chik-Fil-A and Nine Twentynine coffee shop.

The highlights of the party were definitely the massive dance party and the Skill Pong tournament!

We also got to interview the Assistant Director of Residence Life during our stay. He gave us great perspective on the college drinking culture and why Party.0 is such a valuable asset to any university or college campus.



As a team, we fell in love with Kroger grocery stores. Parking our camper and living in their parking lot made us feel like nomad royalty! They were open late, had great hours, wifi, microwaves and even a little cafe. We also were taken in by Crosspoint Church – who treated us to dinners, let us do laundry at people’s houses, got us in touch with campus personnel and let us use their staff office whenever we wanted.

Thank you Mississippi State, BYX and Crosspoint for making our week in Starkville one we won’t soon forget 🙂


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