Last time I wrote, we had just arrived at Southeastern Louisiana University to plan a sober party, and were feeling pretty optimistic about the upcoming week. And the party was AWESOME! It was almost 30 degrees (which is COLD) for Louisiana, and our event was outside, so our attendance wasn’t amazing, but roughly 45 students came to hang out, play games, eat pizza and subs, and meet new people. We even played volleyball in the mud!!! It was so fun 🙂

In this video you’ll meet Rachael, who planned the Louisiana party, and Blake, who planned the one in Georgia.

We pulled together a party with us in just one week! It was cool going to different campus organizations and talking about Party.0 and inviting them to the parties.

Blake and Rachael got some experience getting sponsors, hosting a party and talking to new people about their sober parties. I enjoyed watching them learn and implement all of our strategies, seeing how easy it can be to lead a movement like this because there are so many students who think it’s a really awesome idea.

We also want to send a BIG THANK YOU to Steve, Laurie, Cindy, Susan, Chantelle and Andrea for treating us to snacks, fuel and meals on the page!


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