“If I gave you $250 to throw a party for your school, what would you want to do?” Check out how the students at Lourdes Academy in Oshkosh responded and watch footage from the event.

There were rock walls, foam pits, basketball hoops, dodgeball courts, slack lines and hundreds of trampolines lining the floor and walls. This place was INSANE!

When Jake speaks at a high school he always asks, “If I gave you $250 to throw a party for your school. What would you want to do?” They get a chance to respond on their phones and he helps them make the event a reality. If there is enough participation, they can continue doing events… making it a sustainable program for their school! Think of it as a student-led alcohol alternative for high school students. That’s what make our speaking program different than any others out there.

Make sure to watch the video and share with any high school friends, teachers or administrators you know!


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