This weekend we got TURNT. Imagine a house party packed with all of your friends, dancing, playing pong, getting crazy and stupid, and having the time of your life, but without drinking alcohol! That is exactly what we did! Check out our party from last Saturday, September 19th.


Our initial way of promoting this party was Facebook. We made 2-3 posts the week before the party that people liked and shared. Then we created an event that we made sure to spread so people could RSVP. 55 people said they were coming and 38 said maybe.


130 beautiful faces entered through our front door. We (The Party.0 Team) had some concerns and worries of how many people would actually show up, but needless to say, we were blown away! The basement was packed! We were shoulder to shoulder doing the Cupid Shuffle and behind them there was barely room to play pong! The Kitchen was packed with a dozen people playing intense spoons! The living room was full of people playing Cards Against Humanity, and where there was little room left, we had people playing Foosball. Then in the dining room, we could barely squeeze by all of the people playing twister. It was hard to miss the big lump of awkwardly positioned people in the middle of the floor. The team was overwhelmed and overjoyed.


Red Bull gave us 50 cans. Marco’s Pizza donated three pizzas which were gone in less than an hour. They mentioned that they were surprised at our attendance and that they will donate more for our next party! Delta Chi Fraternity and their DJ, Gold Assassin, provided equipment and entertainment.



  • We put up our banner on our house with the haters watching us on their second floor balcony smoking their cigarettes, chatting about us (oh we know). We shined a crazy bright light on it so people knew where our party was.
  • Our bar had pop (aka soda), snow cones, bro tanks, and Red Bull.
  • To inform people about our next party (three weeks away) one of our team members created a small party card with the date, time, and theme. So when everyone left the party, they knew exactly when the next one would be. We are expecting a bigger turnout next time because of it.



  • I connected with this girl who was telling me about her previous partying experiences. She told me how much fun she was having at our sober party and that event was more positive than her drinking experiences.
  • One of our team members, Kelli, sits next to this guy in her class. He will not stop talking about the party that we held on Saturday!
  • At previous parties, we usually have to kick four or five people out because you can tell that they have been drinking, or they have brought alcohol. This time, there were three people who showed up at our door. They wanted to come in, but they told me they already started drinking, so they respectfully left and said they would have to come back next time.


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