Andy threw his first sober party last weekend during the Oshkosh Pub Crawl. It was our second annual Flappers & Dappers event! Check out a video, some pictures and all the details here!


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50 people showed up to party sober with us on Saturday during the pub crawl. Although it was smaller than most, it made the experience that much sweeter. We got to hang out with everyone, learn the bachata and salsa, play dominoes, a few rounds of Skill Pong and share all the weirdest dance moves we know!


Red Bull gave us A TON of product and Marco’s dropped off some pizza for us. Everyone loved it!


-Everyone was dressed up in 1920’s clothing… headbands, dresses, jackets, ties, fancy shoes, etc.
-We paired up and learned how to do some new dances. Muy caliente.
-It was fun hanging out with everyone and taking pictures with Alexander Ramsey Creative.


Check out this photo album to see pictures from the event!

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