Costume contest, free Toppers pizza, live DJ, dancing, stump, high quality H2O and a hashtag… #BringYoFriendsNotYoBooze. Check out Becca and Maria’s video-recap of their sober Halloween Party from last weekend!


Texting list, Party.0 St.Norbert facebook page, and Yik Yak.


119 college students showed up throughout the night to dance, play games, hang out, meet new people, eat free pizza (and cheesy bread!), and play stump. They also had some great costumes for their contest and held a raffle with “trick or treat” prizes. The dance floor has been packed all night for the last two parties. All without any drugs or alcohol! WHAT?! 😀


  • Toppers Pizza – 6 pizzas, 4 toppers sticks and 5 two-liters of soda
  • St.Norbert College Residence Hall Association (RHA) – Donated $300 worth of various gift cards
  • Logan Balow – DJ’d the party


  • Police showing up
  • Costume contest
  • “Trick or Treat” raffle
  • Positive feedback from students who attended for the first time


There were no “incident reports” in the Residence Halls (dorms) that night… coincidence? I don’t know, but that rarely happens. COOL!



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