How many college students drink? How many people in college smoke weed? Check out the latest research on drinking and drug use among college students.

The leading researchers on drug and alcohol abuse at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported found that 1.2 million college students drink on a given day and 703,000 smoke weed. And that’s just full-time students… 239,000 part-time students drink alcohol on an average day, and 195,000 of them use marijuana.

The results were from the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which used a sample of more than 25,000 college students. The survey also included other drugs like heroin and prescription pain killers.

11,300 full-time college students used cocaine on an average day, 9,808 used hallucinogens like LSD or ecstasy, and more than 4,500 said they used heroin.

The report also said that 559 full-time college students abused prescription pain relievers for the first time, and 415 tried stimulants recreationally.

The drinking culture at universities is fuel for these numbers. College students start with alcohol, with more than 2,100 trying it for the first time each day. And at these house parties and get-togethers that revolve around drinking, they experiment with other drugs.

We’re not going to see this change with new laws or university policies. The culture is a “social” issue because students uphold the culture. And unless we equip them with the tools to change it, doing drugs and drinking underage will continue to be a normal occurrence within “higher education.”

This is why Party.0 is so important. Students are getting hundreds of their peers to party without alcohol on college campuses and creating a new environment for freshmen when they step onto their university. The colleges with Party.0 give students options to socialize and they no longer have to choose between being social and being sober. Students can have fun, make friends, feel good and fit in without putting themselves or their friends in danger. By creating an attractive alternative with Party.0, students become the change the want to see in the world.

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