In Wisconsin it gets COLD! When we stay outside for hours playing a¬†game in the winter, you know it’s good ūüôā Here is a video tutorial and directions for how to play stump. It is a common drinking game but it’s fun sober and you can get a lot of people involved in it.

How to Play the Game –¬†Stump


Objective/ How to win:

If your nail is the last one standing on the log, you win. The object is to hit the other players’ nails down before they get yours.

Supplies/ What you need:

One stump, one hammer and lots of carpenter nails.

Number of players:

Two or more. If you have more than eight people, it’s best to partner up¬†and alternate hits with¬†your teammate.

Set Up:

Gather around the log. Each player gets one nail placed in the log. Hit it lightly, but just hard enough so that it stays upright without falling over.

2hammer2Playing the Game:

Each person takes a turn by tossing/flipping the hammer in the air. There are three ways to flip the hammer. Each swing determines how many swings you can take at your opponents’ nails.

  1. In front of you – ONE swing
  2. Under your leg – TWO swings
  3. Behind your back – THREE swings

*If you get to take multiple swings because you flipped it under your leg or behind your back, you don’t have to hit the same person’s nail for all the swings.. You could hit one person’s nail and then go for¬†another.

IMPORTANT! When you catch the hammer, you CANNOT adjust your grip. How you catch the hammer is how you have to swing.


Play until only one nail is left standing above the log. That person is the winner!


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