Carah Faye is the lead singer of Shiny Toy Guns, a rock band from Los Angeles, CA. She let us in her show early for an interview… Here’s what she had to say about being sober in the music industry.

Carah Faye Interview Video

Q: Why are you sober?

1. I have an addictive personality, so I knew (drugs and alcohol) was something I shouldn’t get into. Since I went so long without it, I asked “Why do I even need to try it, I’m fine without it.”

2. I was introduced to the straight edge movement at an early age.

Q: What is straight edge?

Being clear of mind altering substances.

Q: Is it hard being a music industry while sober?

Yeah, everything’s free! (Drugs) would be easy to get… But now it’s easy, I have zero interest in that. I have so much fun without it. I get my own highs, I just love life.


“If someone’s being goofy because they’re drunk, I just get goofy because I’m goofy.”


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