We’ve probably all seen this in a movie: A couple is running through the woods. They’re being chased by “the bad guys.” OH NO! One of them falls and is injured. Although they don’t have a first aid kit, they do have a bottle of liquor. One of them takes off their shirt and rips it in half. They pour the alcohol on the wound (it burns) and then wrap the shirt around it.

Alcohol murders bacteria!

People put alcohol on wounds and cuts because it kills the bacteria, helping them to sterilize the injury. When we drink it, we pour that down our throat and it kills healthy cells and bacteria in your esophagus, damaging the lining of your throat.

Long term burnage…

Heavy drinking can cause uncontrolled bleeding into your esophagus (Esophageal Varices) and is the 2nd largest risk factor for oral cancer.

Who even needs an esophagus anyways?

Errybody needs one! Try putting food in your stomach without using your mouth… you can’t do it! Your esophagus is the only way to get food from your mouth, into your stomach. Pretty cool 🙂

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