Want the experience of a lifetime?! Want to travel the country and create something new on college campuses? We are looking for a student or recent grad to help us spread sober house parties across the nation! Their job as the Tour Manager is to make sure that life on the road runs smoothly for the entire team.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Being a fun and energetic part of this tour – Parties, selfies, adventures, etc!
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings with leaders, sponsors, media contacts and staff.
  • Assisting other team members in areas that interest you.
  • Following up with area contacts to ensure that our team has a place to eat and sleep.
  • Any other creative or inspiring ways you wish to use the tour to gain valuable experience!

Key Skills:

  1. ORGANIZED – Must keep a planner/calendar and be able to juggle many tasks.
  2. COMMUNICATOR – Must be able talk and write clearly.
  3. RESPONSIBLE – Must be self-motivated and take responsibility for your important role in this journey.
  4. FUN – We’re a company that throws parties!!! This is 100% business AND 100% party. Let’s have some fun!

Compensation: All of your expenses will be paid, but this is an unpaid or volunteer position. Credits can be awarded for internship.

Start Date: January 14th, 2017

End Date: You may choose to serve for a semester, year or for the entire duration of the tour (1.5 years)

Vacation: The tour will stop for summer and winter breaks, two+ months each.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!




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