Today we interviewed students about Party.0 and it was hilarious! We saw jaw drops, some were speechless. Check out this video of their reactions.

On campus we did interviews with students and it was so fun! Almost all the students were interested in the program after we were done asking questions and telling them about Party.0 too. We got on a radio show and made connections for the next school.


Students reactions are priceless! When we told them that we help students host sober house parties for their university or college, they didn’t know what to say at first. Then most of them said that they’d like to attend a Party.0 event.

Make sure to share the video with friends and family – especially those who work or study on a university or college campus!

Tour Life Update
If there’s one thing we’ve learned these last two weeks… it’s to appreciate EVERYTHING. We were working at the University of South Alabama in Mobile AL last week and stayed in the camper at a friend’s driveway. So we got ELECTRICITY! Just being able to keep groceries in the fridge and walking a few steps to a shower was an amazing luxury 🙂


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