There is a sense of adventure, wonder and fear that fills you when you do something new. It’s the same feeling when you stretch your comfort zone. I experienced this when we hosted our first party, took Party.0 to new campuses, and now, as we plan to host sober house parties across the whole country.

Great leaders, companies and cultures have learned to embrace fear because they know change, growth and reward is on the other side. Like many great ideas, Party.0 was founded on the courage it takes to push past fear, because your mission is more important than the temporary pain it takes to get there. In order to achieve our organization’s potential, we will continually push beyond what we thought was possible before.

This brings us to the Party.0 National College Tour, starting in February of 2017!


47 Campuses, Chapters & States

Our tour will cover every state in the continental U.S. besides Wisconsin (since we’re already here). We will spend a week at each university training students how to plan, promote and host sober house parties for their campus. By the time we leave and head to the next school, they will  have already hosted their first event with us and have the resources to continue running their new chapter of Party.0! Click here if you’d like more information on becoming a student leader for Party.0 and hosting sober events for your campus!


312 Sober House Parties

By the time we finish the tour, our expanding team of student leaders will have hosted 312 sober house parties and created more than 46,800 stories of partying sober! We will also have met more than 22,000 students who join the Party.0 texting list.


News, Press & Media Coverage

Our organization will be featured in more than 141 articles across the nation and be viewed by almost 40 million millennials! The tour will be our greatest chance to get on popular news and television shows as well. If you have a media connection or would like to feature Party.0 in an article, click here!


After the Tour

In order to sustain our growth, we will host an annual conference for all the Party.0 leaders. This will be open for all students so that new campus leaders can be trained and returning leaders can improve. Since turnover is natural for a college initiative, we will require two students (one upperclassmen and one underclassmen) from each campus attend the annual conference. This will ensure a smooth transition between leaders and the sustainability of Party.0 on their campus.


Although this is a very exciting time for us, it’s going to be full of challenges that we can’t overcome alone. Everything has to be done as a community, as a team… and I’d like to invite you to become a part of it! All you have to do is join our email list.

You’ll be the first to receive exclusive content, “behind the scenes” challenges and new developments before they hit the news. You’ll also get free or discounted items from us and our sponsors. But most of all, you’ll be making an impact in students lives across the nation and positively influencing an entire culture.

Thank you to all our supporters, partners, students and volunteers,



-Jake White
Executive Director
Party0, Inc.

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