Believe it or not, I actually started my own business playing party games without beer! My friend Steve and I threw house parties at our college without any alcohol. We were surprised when hundreds of students would come to dance, play games, meet new people and hang out. We even got companies like Red Bull and Papa Johns to sponsor us.

Today the company is called Party.0 and we help college students host sober house parties on their campuses. So if you’re throwing a party and don’t want to drink, here are some of our favorite party games to play without beer. And if you want some help making your parties HUGE, just contact us and we’ll help you out.

Inside Games

This game is like combination of Charades, Taboo and The Game of Things. Everyone writes down a word or phrase on slips of paper and two teams compete to guess the most! All you need are some pens and paper too. Instructions on how to play.

We actually learned this game from the movie Beerfest, but it’s really fun sober. Each player creates a sign and you want to remember them all. Everyone drums on the table to add some noise and you pass the sign from player to player until someone makes a mistake. Go round after round until there are two left.

Catch Phrase
Make your team guess the word on the screen without saying any of the actual words. Once your team guesses it, pass it to your neighbor. If the timer stops when you have the word generator, the other team gets a point. This one is always fun and it’s easy to carry around.

The Game of Things
This game is absolutely hilarious! One person reads a card that says something like, “Something you don’t want to find in your bed.” Everyone else has to write something on a piece of paper and then you take turns guessing who wrote each one. Video on how to play.

Mario Kart
If you’ve got a Nintendo 64 or a Wii, this game is really fun to play at a party. You can even have people team up and switch controllers after each lap.

Pass the cards to your left, trying to 4-of-a-kind. Once someone gets it, you’ll see them grab a spoon. Don’t be the last one to see it, because if you don’t grab a spoon before they’re gone, you’re out! Video on how to play.

Spot It
This is a speed game! You’ve got to identify two symbols that match up and grab the card before anyone else does. There are lots of different variations to try as well. Video on how to play.

Skill Pong
Everyone loves skill pong! It’s just beer pong without beer. You and your partner throw a ping pong ball into the cups on the other end of the table. Skill Pong tournaments are a hit at our sober parties.

Truth or Dare Jenga
There’s a tower of wooden blocks and you’ve got to take on piece out. Each piece has a question or dare on it too. The game ends when someone makes the tower fall down.

Minute to Win It
Just check out the show and you’ll get tons of awesome ideas! You can usually make something easily and people love the challenge! Various games.

One person is the psychiatrist and leaves the room. The others think of something they can have in common. The psychiatrist comes back in and tries to figure out or “diagnose” what everyone has in common by asking them questions. Instructions on how to play.


Tailgating Games / Yard Games

This game is insanely popular, especially with guys. Players gather around a stump, flip a hammer and try to hit their opponents nails in. You can play with 2-8 players or create teams if you have more people. Video on how to play.

Also called Viking’s Chess, this game can be played anywhere, anytime! Two teams (with 1-6 players on each team) throw wooden sticks at the other team’s cubes.

Cornhole / Bag Toss
The games played with two boards and each has a hole in it. Your team gets points for throwing bean bags onto the board or into the hole. Take turns and see who gets to 21 points first! Instructions on how to play.

Kan Jam
Have you seen people throwing frisbees then another person hits it into this big can? That’s Kan Jam and it’s a blast for a small group. Video on how to play.


Want to learn more about throwing sober parties? Contact us with any questions or just to say hey!


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