With nicknames like Crouton, Nadaddy, Hollywood, Fatty and Chap Stique… you can tell Family Force 5 has tons of fun whether they are on or off-stage. We were lucky enough to catch them along their tour at Lifest – a Christian music festival in Oshkosh, WI. Check out this interview with Family Force 5 to see how they party without drugs or alcohol.


Q. How do you have fun sober?

“We genuinely love being around each other! On more than a thousand occasions we’ve started our own dance parties, with our own crew, on the tour bus. We’re just riding down the road, listening to music that we love, and dancing around like monkeys.”

Q. Is it hard to stay clean in the music industry?

“Not really, the industry is fueled by music lovers. It’s easy to see someone start freaking out just by putting on a particular song.”

“We’re crazy enough, we don’t need that.”

“I don’t need help from drugs or drinking to lose my mind, I can do that completely sober!”

Q. Any words of wisdom?

“Start playing guitar… just have cooler hobbies than drinking. It sounds simple, but it really is that simple.”

“College is just like any other sphere of influence in life. You can choose to be influenced or you can be an influencer and a leader.”

“Put yourself around people that share the same beliefs… It sounds cliche, but you are more susceptible to peer pressure if there are 100 people in a room drinking and you’re the only one who’s not.”

Q. What makes your shows so much fun?

“The energy. We’re excited to be there and people are just ready to have a good time.”

“Sometimes we have to figure out a gimmick, costume or something hilarious to get people riled up… but in general it’s the same excitement that we still get when we go to shows.”


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