At 49,000 students, Indiana University is one of the largest schools in the nation. It’s also known to be one of the top “party schools” so people were surprised that we were going to show them how to party sober. Check out our sober party with the Collegiate Recovery Club at IU.

First let me say that Bloomington is an awesome community. Almost every single place we went to for sponsorships came through for us! We had brownies, Red Bull, Papa Johns pizza, snacks and tons of gift cards ranging from Chick-fil-A to local coffee shops.

We partnered with the collegiate recovery club and they secured an off-campus house for the party. Together we promoted our first event and waited to see who showed up!


Just over 100 people showed up to party with us that night. We had a skill pong tournament, a DJ, some live music and plenty of pizza and drinks. The skill pong tournament was definitely the highlight and everyone who entered got a gift card for free breakfast at Chick-fil-A.

Our DJ was awesome too! He even got out from the booth to play some games with us. Meanwhile, a few students from the recovery club played some songs on the guitar. It was a great night for music.

One of the coolest things about the night was talking with the girl who let us use her house for the party. She said that her assignment for sociology class was to write about an “abnormal experience” so this helped her realize that although a sober party wasn’t the norm for college, it was an awesome thing that made a big impression on her.

Jake, one of the leaders who helped us throw the party, said something that was really powerful… “A lot of people get the idea that since there’s no drinking, that it can’t be fun. It’s cool to be a part of Party.0 and help shatter that paradigm.”

The other one who really stepped up to make this party happen was Quinn. He mentioned how there’s this sub culture in college of students who are doing life sober, so Party.0 is a cool way to share that with others and invite them in.

Make sure to share the video with friends that are in recovery and if you’re interested in having sober parties at your college or university, fill out the form on our leader page!


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