Demi Vigren entered Ball State with a decision. She wasn’t going to drink alcohol. But she didn’t realize how BIG this decision was in college.

Call her whatever you want. Goodie-goodie, teetotaler, sober, loser, straight edge or just weird. It won’t change a thing. Demi is a freshmen at Ball State this year and she doesn’t drink alcohol.

After writing an article on The Odyssey, many people have come to either criticize or congratulate her words. Of course, those who drink are going to feel “judged” or “isolated” by her words. But it means a lot to those who are probably feeling silenced by their decision to abstain from the norm in college. When you don’t drink in a sea of people who do, you can feel very alone.

It’s awesome to see Demi’s courage, especially as a freshmen. It took me almost 3 years to gain the confidence that she has. An article on says that she contributes much of this to the positive influence of her boyfriend and her relationship with Christ.

Demi admits that surrounding herself with those who want to follow the same path has allowed her “to find herself” and become more confident in “who she is and what she wants to do.”

She says that her boyfriend saw her as “someone who didn’t need to conform to social standards.” Demi says she wants others to know that it’s ok too.

If you take a look at Demi’s instagram, you’ll see that she definitely does not need any help from drugs or alcohol to have fun, make friends or feel good. I’ve enjoyed sharing her story because that’s what Party.0 is all about.

Make sure to read Demi’s full article as she tells it much better than I can 🙂

“The pressures associated with college partying are unthinkable. Even people who don’t like it decide they need to be involved with it in order to be a part of the “social scene.” It makes sense that people feel this way. Everything “fun” or “cool” to do on campus involves partying or drinking is some way. So, if you do not have anything else to do on a Saturday night, the one option is to go out and party, right? I had this thought initially, but I realized I can do fun things without conforming to the social standards of a college student.”




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