Party.0 Speaking Program

Are you tired of hiring speakers that don’t make a long-term impact? Our presentations are designed to educate, entertain and envoke action that will truly transform your campus; now and in the long run.

  • Inspire your audience to start Party.0 – a student led late night program and social norms campaign for your campus
  • Get students excited about attending other sober campus events
  • Show that college students can make friends, have fun and fit in without drugs or alcohol
  • Give them tools, resources and ways to party sober

Our clients include; Health Promotions and Peer Health Education, Orientation and First Year Experience, Greek Life, Fraternities and Sororities, Campus Life and Student Involvement, Collegiate Recovery Clubs and Communities, Residence Life and Athletics

Inspire students to host sober parties for your campus!

Orientation or Welcome Week

Freshman are coming into a new environment and want to make great choices, but when they look to their peers for acceptance and to socialize, they find that drinking is the popular choice. Our speaking program shows that thousands of students across the country are partying sober and they can join! Not only do we cover safety and statistics with alcohol, we show that campus events are fun and how they can create new alcohol alternatives like Party.0 for your university!

  • Equip freshman to lead a positive movement and change your campus
  • Reduce the appeal of underage drinking while offering an alternative
  • Combine the two most effect prevention techniques; peer-led programs and positive social norming

Alcohol Awareness Week (or Month)

It can be hard to get students to attend an “alcohol awareness” event, but we’re here to help. Using Party.0 promotional materials and showcasing the student led initiative gets students excited about your event. Let’s partner to make your alcohol awareness month, or week, a huge success.

  • Get more students to your events with our positive and fun branding
  • Students don’t feel like your “preaching” or telling them what to do
  • Give students a real call to action that creates opportunities and connections

Spring Break

As a higher ed professional, you may cringe when students talk about their plans for spring break. It’s a time plagued with excessive drinking, unsafe sex and date rape. Bring in one of our spring break speakers to show your college students how to be responsible and even party sober.

  • College students learn the impact of their decisions on spring break
  • Tips for having the best time – even if you’re not drinking
  • How to bring your friends home safely from a party – bystander intervention

National Recovery Month (or Day)

The recovery community is growing every day and it’s crucial for students to know that you’re available. Having Party.0 come speak at your campus gives every student an invitation to support you and get involved in the CRC, increasing your appeal and impact at your university.

  • Raise awareness about Collegiate Recovery to the general campus
  • Learn how to host sober parties for your campus
  • Meet more people who don’t drink or use drugs in college

Great program for health promotion, CRCs, greek life, athletics and student involvement!