Becca and Maria threw their first sober house party of the year and 275 students showed up! Check out the details and how they did it.

The previous record for a sober party was just over 200 students and it was held by Chris Schierl, the former leader of the UW Oshkosh Party.0 chapter. When I asked Becca and Maria their secret… they put an invitation to their party in the welcome packets of every freshman!

They had it at a normal college house off campus. DJ Polar Dubs played music and they had games inside and out. Papa Johns donated 20 pizzas and 3rd Dimension Tattoo donated prizes.

Becca and Maria are amazing leaders and they’ve begun to expand their team. Rachel has been a great new team member and is working on getting them a grant for their own party supplies like DJ equipment, games and outdoor lighting.

***Learn about starting Party.0 on your campus HERE.


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