30 people in a circle saying things like… “What is this?!” “Oh my God, what are you doing?!” or “How did you come up with this?!” Check out Becca and Maria’s first sober party from last Saturday, September 19th.


Becca and Maria built a texting list of 167 students who will be texted every time they have a sober event. We sent out the text at 4pm on the day of their event.


92 students showed up throughout the night to dance, meet new people, hang out with friends, and play games like disc jam, stump (the game from the intro) and spikeball. Stump was by far the biggest hit! People played all night. They also held a raffle at the end of the night to give away all the prizes/sponsorships they’d gotten.


After showing Becca and Maria how to reach out to local businesses, I was blown away by how many sponsorships they got!

  • Three month membership to Anytime Fitness for gym and tanning ($200 value)
  • Two $100 gift cards and $100 cash to 3rd Dimension Tattoos and Piercing
  • 25 gift certificates for free Papa Johns pizzas
  • Five $5 gift certificates for Erberts and Gerberts subs
  • 5 large Papa Johns pizzas and 5 large Pizza Hut pizzas


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