Here at Party.0 we are starting a monthly segment where we interview students who love Party.0. We feel this is a fun, exciting way to show off the awesome people who rage with us. Last week I sat down with Alli Johnson, a fellow UW Oshkosh student, to have a fun interview.

Tell me about yourself

I’m from Sheboygan and went to Sheboygan High School. My hobbies include traveling, singing, and dancing. I also really enjoy going to musicals and dramas. I’m the oldest child of 3. I have a younger brother and sister.

What year are you in school?


What is your major?

Journalism, my emphasis is in Public Relations

How did you hear about Party.0?

I heard about Party.0 through Facebook. I received an invitation for the party and asked my friends on my floor (in Webster) if they had heard about it.

How many Party.0 events have you attended?


What is your favorite part about party.0?

I love that the parties are non-alcoholic, fun, with good music and dancing. They give me the college experience without compromising my morals.

Favorite show on Netflix?

Gilmore girls, it’s my all-time favorite!

Most used emoji?

The heart eyes smiley face

Favorite person to follow on social media?

Ellen DeGeneres!

Which animal is your spirit animal?


Least favorite class you have taken at UWO?

I have taken 6 math classes.

I you could have one super power, what would it be?


Favorite time of year?


Most played song of your iPod/ current favorite song?

I lived by One Republic

One interesting fact about yourself?

I have been to 35 of the 50 states, only 15 to go!