After months of waiting, we are finally off to spread sober parties across the country! We’ve had many setbacks so far and it’s allowed people to come alongside us and show us tremendous support.

  • The YMCA of Oshkosh gave us Y passes that will work in any location all over the U.S.! We’ll be able to work out, stay healthy and have a consistent place to rely on throughout the tour 🙂
  • Care packages came from all over!!! So much love was put into these with food, drinks, letters, books, donations, games and gift cards. 
  • Friends from our Community Group volunteered hours and hours to work on our vehicle, get us supplies, snacks, a trailer hitch and propane tanks to make sure that we were ready for the trip!!! 



Alexander Ramsey is our storyteller, brand manager, videographer and marketing coordinator for the tour. He is equally as talented as he is adventurous (lucky for us)!

Emily Weishaar is our tour manager (tour Mom) and we’re so grateful to have her! In short, she’s the responsible one; taking care of all the logistics including where we’re going to sleep, eat and work. She also keeps the books (budgeting) and helps contact the media.

Jake White is the visionary and trainer for the Party.0 tour. Since he created Party.0 by hosting sober parties on his campus and has helped other students do the same, we thought he’d be the best person for the job 🙂

Emily White is the outreach coordinator for the tour. She reaches out to all the clubs, organizations, ministries, fraternities and sororities, inviting them to join our movement by hosting or attending a sober house party! Her extensive work with CRU will serve our mission well. (Yes, her and Jake are married!)

Make sure to keep checking in each week and see what’s happening on tour! You can even get emails sent to you, so you never miss an update – just join our email list at

You can also use that page to make donations, buy us dinner, or even a tank of gas!

Thank you all for being a part of this with us!


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