I’ve had to describe Party.0 to many different people and in many different ways. But when it comes down to it… here’s what it’s really about.


Party.0 is a movement of students who throw awesome events without drugs or alcohol.

It’s what 9 out of 10 college students are saying YES to.

It’s a chance to have fun, make friends and feel good without mind altering substances.

It’s 150 students filling a fraternity house with a DJ, games, competitions, sponsors and a BAC of .00

It’s realizing that you’re not defined by what you drink on a Friday night.

It’s asking what you would do with 100+ students, some sponsors and an idea for a party.

It’s a place where anyone can feel a sense of adventure and belonging.

It’s a start…

To saving 1,800 college students from dying each year, 97,000 from becoming date-raped and 1.5 million from dropping out.

Join us.



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