A friend sent me some screenshots of people talking about Party.0 on Yik Yak – an app that allows you chat with people within a 5-mile radius.

1. All everyone does is drink alcohol and do drugs it seems. Where are all of the cool people (my age) who can have a decent conversation without being under the influence of something?

2. Party.0 bro. Bunch of stellar people and lots of fun.

3. What is Party.0?

4. It’s a club that throws party’s once a month or so that has no drinking/drugs. A sober party. It’s a social for those who decide to not get smashed. And I’m a guy that doesn’t take part in the drinking culture. Even though I am 21. Getting drunk just doesn’t appeal to me as fun. To each their own though.

5. What? OMG that sounds super awesome “mushroom man” lol. Where is it? I hate when people are like oh “let’s get ****ed up tonight.” What happened to let’s go rock climbing or let’s go on a road trip. Or even just oh let’s have one beer or glass of wine with dinner? No that’s not a thing.

6. That’s how I go about life. Board games, video games, books and adventures. You’re not alone here. Taste of Oshkosh will have a booth. Theres a facebook page too. I’m a fairly consistent attender.


I don’t know who the notorious “mushroom man” is, but he seems pretty cool to me 🙂 If you know him, ask him to contact us. We’ll give him some free merch.


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